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Leagues from ages 2-15! Don't miss out on the fun!


Junior Leagues

Spring Season begins in April 2018! 

Spring season 4/28/18 *Deadline 3/27/18

Summer season 8/4/18 *Deadline 7/10/17


To print off jr registration form click the link below (may take a minute to load in new window)


Ages 2-5, 6-7 


When: Sunday morning

Cost: $55


 In this league the Jr. players get to know the game of Dekhockey. The season lasts for 7 weeks, and the amount of player registrations are limited. The players get to participate in a Dekhockey game while they work on different game play and the basics of Dekhockey.

  • Introduction for players on the game of Dekhockey
  • Equipment: helmet with cage, stick, and gloves (Available at the Dekhockey pro shop to rent)



  Ages  6-7


When: Sunday late morning/afternoon

Cost: $55

In the 6-7 age group, the players participate in a Dekhockey game while they get help and focus on improving their Dekhockey skills and the basics. Season is 7 weeks.

  • Equipment: helmet with cage, gloves, dek hockey stick, and shin pads (Available at the Dekhockey pro shop to rent)         



 Ages 8-9, 10-11, 12-15

When: 8-11 age group: Saturday games starting at 9:00am 

12+ age group: Saturday/Sunday games starting at 12:00pm 

Cost: $85

 League teams are divided into 9-12 players with a goalie, each game is 3 periods of 13 minutes long with a short warm up period beforehand to work on stick handling and shooting. Each season extends 8 weeks long, ending the season with playoffs and a championship game!

  • Equipment: Helmet with a cage, gloves, Dekhockey approved stick, and shin pads (Available at the Dekhockey pro shop for rent or purchase)         

Interested in getting signed up for Jr Dekhockey leagues by mail, print form,  and mail in to:

QC Dekhockey

4250 Sapphire Ln

Bettendorf, IA 52722

with your registration fee.





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