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Women's League

There is a league for every one to join in on the fun at QC Dekhockey!

To get your team registered for the season, email us at [email protected] for a registration form, get registered online, or stop by the QC Dekhockey pro shop located at Crow Creek Park.  


Don't have a team or don't have a full team of 7-10 players? No problem! Register online or in person, as a free agent, and we can place you on a team for the season! 


Interested in becoming a substitute player for the season? Get registered as a sub to fill in throughout the season! Substitutes will be charged $12 per game including game equipment. (Check complete regulations for substitutes).

QC Dekhockey offers a women’s league that runs for 2 seasons: Spring and Summer/Fall League. Each season consists of 7 regular season games, playoffs and a championship game! Teams consist of 7-10 players including a woman goalie. A Dekhockey game is 50 minutes with 3 periods of 13 minutes. Each game has a certified referee, scorekeeper with LIVE on-line stats and score results, team standings, game highlights, player stats, team schedule, and players of the week.

Adult Women Dekhockey games are held Monday’s the first game starting at 6:00pm and the last beginning at 9:00pm.  The only equipment required for Dekhockey is; a helmet, shin pads, gloves, and a Dekhockey approved stick (plastic blade/wooden shaft) All equipment is available for rent or purchase at our Dekhockey pro shop on site.       http://www.qcdekhockey.com/custom-page.php?pg_no=21

  • Registration forms must be completed at least 2 weeks before the beginning of each season.


The team captain is responsible for turning in registration (roster and team fee), making sure team is aware of the basic regulations and paying the registration fee of $800. Registration fee is to be turned in at the time of the reservation.. An informational meeting will be given to the captains before the start of each season with the explanation of rules and the game of Dekhockey.

We encourage players under the age of 18 and will be permitted to play with a signed parental consent issued from QC Dekhockey.  


VERY IMPORTANT! Please look into the divisions for the upcoming season below and what the new player ranking restrictions are for each level.

Qc Dekhockey.jpg (225 KB)


🚨To see a player's updated rank:

-go to qcdekhockey.com.

-click on players, then player list.

-you will then be on the "search a player" tool.

-search any player and beside his/her name will be their "forward" and "goaltender" rank.


🚨If you are concerned about a player's ranking and would like a ranking review, you may now email [email protected] for the player to be "re-evaluated". The player in question will be looked into and re-ranked if necessary. 


🚨NEW PLAYERS: If a player is not ranked in an NDA location, the team captain MUST email [email protected] to get a ranking for the player(s) in question. There will be no NR (unranked) players.


🚨Please email us if one of the following: 

-If you have a new player that isn't ranked.

-If you have multiple player profiles (please note: it is normal to have (1) "sub" profile and (1) "regular" profile).

-If your "sub" player profile and "regular" player profile both have different rankings.

-If you did not play last season and do not have an updated ranking. 

-If you have any concerns about your ranking. 


🚨It's the team's responsibility to make sure their roster is legal when signing up and prior to every game. 


🚨All players MUST be 14 years old minimum to play in the adults league.


🚨A maximum of (3) JR players (14 - 15 years old) (goalies don’t count) can be rostered on a D4, D5+ and D5 team. No limits in other divisions.


🚨A maximum of (10) players can be rostered on a team.


🚨The NDA has the right to change a player’s ranking if judged necessary.


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