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Free agents

Player Level Position Phone Email
Aaron Larson Division 3 Forward 309 314 3966 [email protected]
Aaron Wilson Division 1 Men Forward 563-236-3805
Abigil smith Women Forward 5636399297 [email protected]
Adam Vucic Division 3 Forward 563-210-3199
Andy Dotterer Division 3 Forward 563-528-4458
Ashley Mull Women Forward 563-265-4685 [email protected]
Austin Wesolowski Division 3 Forward 309-721-4216
Brendan McDonald Division 3 Forward 563-726-3205
Brian Kozak Division 1 Men Forward 309-230-1510
Brooke Siegel Division 3 Forward (563) 940-8938 [email protected]
Brooke Siegel Women Forward (563)940-8938 [email protected]
Chris Sauerbrei Division 3 Sub 563-639-7350 [email protected]
Collin Dunn Division 3 Forward 309-373-3193
Dave Prochaska Division 3 Forward 515-205-4823 [email protected]
David Lee Division 3 Forward 217-414-7232 [email protected]
Erin Scupham Division 3 Sub 440-334-7475 [email protected]
Evan Mosier Division 3 Forward 563-370-0945
Garrett Griswold Division 1 Men Forward 3097497962 [email protected]
Jacob Lyon Division 3 Forward 309-721-0347
Jay Campbell Division 3 Forward 563-676-4214
Jody Minor Division 1 Men Goaltender 563-529-0140 na
Joe Timmsen Division 2 RED Sub 563-506-2027 [email protected]
Keelan Ryan Division 3 Forward 563-271-6717
Kyle Colson Division 2 BLUE Forward 3093730198 [email protected]
Larry Watson Division 3 Sub 3096358675 [email protected]
Mark Muenstermann Division 2 RED Forward 563-381-7750
Mathew Passini Division 3 Forward 309-428-5318 [email protected]
Matt Passini Division 3 Forward 309-428-5318
Matt Severing Division 2 RED Forward 815-703-9201
Mike Loehr Division 3 Forward 563-343-9161
Morgan Dunn Division 3 Forward 309-373-3193
Nick Schroeder Division 3 Goaltender 563-676-0644
Patrick Fye Division 3 Forward 563-468-7809
Russ Dunn Division 3 Goaltender 309-373-3193
Sean Black Division 3 Forward 309-714-2117
Sean Clark Division 3 Goaltender 309-945-8739
Steve Reader Division 3 Forward 30-236-4062
Steven Miller Division 3 Goaltender 309-798-1099
Tanner Farnsworth Division 3 Goaltender 563-940-6283 [email protected]
Tanner Farnsworth Division 3 Goaltender 563-940-6283 [email protected]
Tom Cortlett Division 3 Forward 563-359-4523
Tyler Olson Division 2 RED Forward 309-269-8240 [email protected]
Tyler Olson Division 1 Men Forward 309-269-8240 [email protected]
Zack Freiburger Division 2 BLUE Goaltender 563 529 0846 [email protected]

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