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Quad City DekHockey

Summer Tournament Regulations

Below is the point and ranking information for the upcoming tournament


Quad Cities NDA Tournament 2017


D1+ = 40 points (limit of 1 per D2 team, can only play D1 & D2)

D1 = 30 points (can only play D1 and D2)

D2+ = 20 points 

D2 = 10 points (can't play in D4)

D3+ = 4 points

D3 = 2 points

D4+ = 1 point

D4 = 0 points


D1 (Open) = NO RESTRICTIONS ($5000 Cash + Champion Shirts) *Value of $5200*

D2 = 150 POINTS TOTAL ($2000 Cash + Dekhead sticks + Champion shirts) *Value of $3250*

D3 = 58 POINTS TOTAL ($1000 Cash + Dekhead sticks + Champions shirts) *Value of $2250*

D4 (Recreational) = 12 POINTS TOTAL (Dekhead sticks + Champion shirts) *Value of $1250*

JR Division = AGES 13 & UNDER (Medals + Champion shirts)

Minimum of 7 players / team (including goalie)
Maximum of 10 players / team (including goalie)


Player rankings IF PLAYER IS NOT RANKED IN A NDA LOCATION (Waterloo, Springfield, Quad City)

(Within 5 years)

D1+ à Any professional hockey league, NCAA D1, USHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL, CIS
(within 5 years)

D1 à NCAA D3, Jr. A tier 1 & tier 3

D2+ à Midget AAA & ACHA D1

D2 à Jr. B, ACHA D2 & D3, High-school hockey, Bantam AAA

D3 à Any other ice hockey background

* The NDA always has the right to change the above if necassary.



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